TARA Accommodations

TARA (Training and Research Academy) is an eco-friendly feminist residential space for retreats, workshops, training, research, and creative expression. TARA’s new and attractive facilities include affordable residential cottages that can comfortably accommodate 30-40 overnight guests, a staffed kitchen and dining hall, three multi-purpose conference halls, library, and organic gardens.

There are four guest cottages with small verandahs that each has four or five bedrooms with attached western-style toilets and hot water geysers.

We have a special guest room that is wheelchair-friendly. And, the dining area and one conference/reception hall are also handicapped accessible.

TARA has wi-fi capability available at no additional charge for its guests. And, there is audio video equipment available for the showing of dvds, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Comestibles at TARA
We offer simple vegetarian food served family-style at three meals a day, and is inclusive in our room rates. We make our own tofu and, as much as possible, serve produce either from our own gardens or locally grown. We have a small organic farm where we grow vegetables and fruits. We appreciate if visitors give some time to working in the garden.

We have Aqua Guard eco-filtered water available on tap in the dining room. Guests are requested to fill in their bottles to take to their rooms and the training hall as and when they need.

TARA Room and Conference Hall Rates
As a nongovernmental organization (NGO),TARA does not charge commercial flat rates for usage of its facilities, but instead asks for donations to defray expenses of operations. For more specific information about Suggested Room Rates and Guest Bookings. .....click here

TARA Guest Policies
As most of us are aware, today we live in a very fragile eco system. We appeal to our guests to treat the campus with care and love. To that end, we have created a TARA Guest Information Sheet with comprehensive information about our policies. .....click here

We especially want prospective guests to know in advance of arrival:
1) We are not a "hotel," but a residential training centre. For example, we do not change the guest beds every day and we request that guests wash their own dishes after meals and tea breaks.
2) We are a non-smoking campus.
3) We request that guests not bring plastic trash with them (i.e. disposable water bottles, non-reusable shopping bags and wrappers) or leave plastic litter around the campus. We are trying hard to reduce the use of plastic because disposal of plastic is extremely difficult in this region.

Being situated at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayan Mountains, TARA enjoys temperate weather conditions typical of hill towns at higher elevations (approx. 1200 meters/3900 feet), providing generally cooler and more comfortable weather than the plains areas of India most of the year.

In terms of weather, ideal times to visit TARA are March-April and October-November. Temperatures are moderate, rain is minimal and flowers are in bloom.

In May and early June, daytime temperatures can reach as high as 38° C (100.4° F). However, evening temperatures generally cool considerably. Monsoon season typically lasts from late-June through early September, with daily heavy rain.

Winter months, December through February, are cool (avg. daytime 13°C/55°F). Days are mostly sunny with rare snow flurries, but nights can get chilly (as low as 0°C/32°F).

It should be noted that weather is highly unpredictable here in the mountains, so it is best to be prepared for all reasonable weather possibilities. To that end, in order to enhance your comfort during your stay at TARA, we recommend you bring the following:

  • Depending on the season, appropriate sweater, shawl, or other warm clothes and socks etc. for cooler evenings
  • Umbrella or raincoat
  • Walking shoes with good tread
  • Comfortable clothes for walking
  • Flashlight/torch
  • Reusable neoprene or metal water bottle
  • Mosquito repellent (April-October)

In Case of Medical Emergencies
Medical doctors are available on call at The Nishtha Health Clinic, only 5 minutes walking distance. And, a full service hospital is approximately 30 minutes driving distance.

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