Jagori networking meeting

β€œAt a recent Jagori networking meeting, 22 women from 5 panchayats and 6 villages shared their experiences with development workshops at their local panchayats. They expressed regret for not regularly participating in the Gram Sabha, a village level development meeting. 80 percent of them ensured their active participation in Gram Sabha regularly and also work in educating other women about their entitlements and rights in local government.”


Ghalian Village - 15th August, 2015: A health camp was organized by Jagori Grameen for the girl students and women of Ghalian Village, Kangra on Saturday, 15th August, 2015. The girls and women had gathered at the Government Senior Secondary School. Local Jagori team members Aarti, Babli and Neelam mobilized the women for the health camp. There was a healthy turnout of about 50 odd women and about 50 girls from the senior secondary section of the public school. Chandrakanta from Jagori highlighted the work done by the organization and addressed issues of physical, emotional and social violence. She urged the women to take charge of themselves and their health and strength. She also emphasized the need for overall and consistent well-being of women through an emphasis on nutrition and hygiene.

Dr. Pritam engaged the women with their sexual and reproductive anatomy and its functions such as menstruation and childbirth. Due emphasis was laid on tackling anemia which is a major challenge in community health in rural areas. Instructions were provided to the women and girls for maintaining personal hygiene, breathing right, practising daily exercise and the timely intake of nutritious food to prevent the depletion of energy levels and maintain health. She urged the women and young girls to take ownership of their bodies and health. The session was followed by a health check-up of individual women and girls. Prescriptions were written out and medicines were dispensed with an especial focus on reproductive health issues. The health camp ended at around 5:00 p.m. in the evening.


Kharedi Village - 16th August, 2015: Jagori Grameen organized a health camp for the women of Kharedi Village, Shahpur Block on Sunday, 16th August 2015. Local team members of Jagori – Maneesha and Urmila were instrumental in mobilizing the women in the village. The health camp witnessed a healthy turnout of over 70 – 80 women and children. In her address to the participants, Dr. Pritam steered away from the myopic focus on reproductive health to engage the women with a holistic understanding of good health and well-being. She emphasized the importance of emotional health and emotional self-expression. Interpersonal relationships, especially among women, are the perfect outlet for venting feelings, emotions and personal troubles. Unresolved issues may fester to negatively affect health. Dr. Pritam noted that emotional well-being is best cultivated through healthy interpersonal relationships. The health camp also emphasized the need for skills training and capacity building for women to better enable them to take charge of their health and lives.

The women were also given a brief description of the physical, hormonal and behavioural changes that accompany puberty, menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. Age-related specific and pertinent information relating to bodily changes and functions was dispensed to the young and older women present. The awareness programme was followed not only by an examination of women, but also of children of all ages and older men. Complaints of a wide variety were looked into and medications were distributed according to prescription. Hemoglobin levels were checked for some women. The camp wrapped up by about 4:00 p.m. in the evening. Follow-ups were scheduled to ensure consistency to the programme.


17th and 18th August 2015 - Nagrota Suriya: Jagori Grameen conducted a sensitization workshop on sexuality and reproductive health at the Government Degree College in Nagrota Suriya Block. The workshop addressed about 250 girls in the college currently pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Arts and Commerce. The workshop was spread over two days. As an introductory exercise, the team screened the UNICEF film 'ARMAAN' depicting the struggle of young adolescent girls coming to terms with puberty and restrictive social norms. This was followed by a discussion of the issues raised in the film. The girls were urged to reflect and think about their own personal experiences and whether they were able to identify with the characters in ARMAAN. Day one concluded with the song, 'Munh Si Ke Ab' led by Dr. Pritam and Asha.

Day two began with a celebratory introduction to the tune of 'Tu Zinda Hai'. Dr. Pritam took a session on female sexual and reproductive anatomy, health and menstruation. She addressed the doubts and queries pertaining to menstruation and sex raised by the girls. Two such sessions were held in two separate batches. Each session ended with a song, 'Munh Si Ke Ab'. Dr. Rashmi Ramaul, Principal of Nagrota Suriya Government Degree College was pleased to have the Jagori team undertake a sensitization workshop on reproductive health. She explains, "Many of these girls come from not only poor families, but they are also socially backward. They are born and raised here; they study in the same Government school and have no exposure to such sensitive issues. Such an informative programme will really benefit the girls who do not discuss such issues freely."

Newly Married Couples Trainings

Jagori Rural has identified 20 newly married couples from the Kangra district. When a woman gets married in Himachal Pradesh, she often moves to her husbands home. She is saddled with new responsibilities, new relationships, and is expected to make the transition seamlessly. Many problems arise because the new couple are not given an open space to communicate about the new obstacles that they both face. The purpose of these trainings is to make husbands and wives aware of each others circumstances, communicate about their needs, and better understand and analyze future issues they may come across. So far, one three-day residential training was conducted with these 20 couples.

In the future, the Jagori team will conduct follow-ups with these couples, and identify more couples that will benefit from such trainings.

Campaign Against Sex-Selective Abortion

Jagori Rural has been carrying out a campaign against sex selective abortion in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, starting in September 2014. So far, due to the hard work of Jagori's team, 20 panchayats have passed a resolution to make sure that no one in their panchayat gets a sex-selective abortion. In addition, they have vowed to instruct Anganwadi workers to monitor all the pregnant women who registered at their Anganwadi centers. Adolescent girls were also engaged and participated in a cricket match, a rally, and a short marathon in Dharamsala. Two more rallies were conducted in the area, one during the kishore- kishori utsav and another with the Boys Sanskrit College.


MNREGA Orientation Trainings in 15 panchayats

Orientation programme on social audit, MNREGA and RTI in 15 panchayats of three block (Rait, Dharamshala and Kangra Block) of Kangra District.

The main motives of the programme is to share and inform about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 and conducting Social audit and discuss about Right to Information Act, 2005. A total 437 person enhanced their knowledge about MNREGA, RTI and social audit.

Social Audit process conducted GABLIDARI Panchayat

A social audit process was conducted in Gabli Dari (DharamshalaBlock) to bring in transparency in the workings and functioning of Panchayats, accountability in PRI's and Administration in which 95 participants were participated for the process of social audit programme along with representatives from BDO office and DRDA.

Leadership Workshop

We have host three workshop with Youth collectives, women collectives and PRI. The main motives of the workshop are participants were oriented to ensure active participation in the Gram Sabha and to effectively voice out their issues and empowering women representative in panchayat in decision making and ensuring their active participation in which 89 persons enhance their understanding about Panchyat Raj to increase the participation women in next panchyat election.


Two days workshop on gender issue, POCSO new Amendment laws, and other laws related to women's issues

The main motives of the workshop to sensitize gender issues on POCSO and new Amendment laws, and other laws related to women's issues) in which 28 protection officer enhance their understanding about the domestic violence act 2005.


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